Civil Engineering

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Higher National Diploma in Civil Engineering provides Civil engineers for the local and international industry. HND in Civil engineering is a 3 ½ years full time course including industrial visits and surveying camps. Students have the chance to gain experience from a 6 months industrial training after 2 years (4 semesters) academic period. The Civil engineering students are given the opportunity to specialize in their chosen option at the last semester. Civil engineering is divided into three sub options in HNDE program.

Highway & Railway Engineering

Highway & Railway engineering is concerned with moving people and goods efficiently, safely, and in a manner conductive to a vibrant community. This involves specifying, designing, constructing, and maintaining transportation infrastructure which includes streets, canals, highways and rail systems.

Building & Structural Engineering

This is concerned with the structural design and structural analysis of buildings, bridges, towers, flyovers, tunnels. This involves identifying the loads which act upon a structure and the forces and stresses which arise within that structure due to those loads, and then designing the structure to successfully support and resist those loads.

Water & Environment Engineering

Water & Environmental Engineering is concerned with the collection and management of waterwaste and the management of environmental remediation work. As a discipline, it combines hydrology, environmental science, meteorology, geology, conservation and resource management.

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