Message from the Director General

It is with immense pleasure and gratification, I pen this congratulatory message at the official launch of the website of Advanced Technological Institute, Colombo, It should be a proud moment for all of you which needs a true celebration. The digital evolution that is transforming every facet of the Higher Educational Institutions is overwhelmingly impacting the use of institutional websites, moving the website from its traditional outlying position to being the core and critical part to the everyday operations, its teaching and learning, development, evolution and enhanced performance and productivity. Now-a-days the necessity for higher educational institutions to a have a consistent, effective and attractive web presence is cumulative as online technology is becoming an important part of the educational process. They need to provide information for prospective students, current students, parents of students, alumni and also other stake holders. Aligned with this global trend, Sri Lanka Institute of Advanced Technological Education is also committed to enhance its web presence along with time. Accordingly, Advanced Technological Institute, Colombo has also taken the step forward in this direction by launching their own website. It is really a noteworthy task and I applaud the staff and students of ATI, Colombo for taking the initiatives and tireless efforts to make this task a reality. Being able to have your own website is a sign of your success and just a preparation for facing the bigger challenges in future. I fervently hope that this website will always be a work in progress and you will continue to update your website regularly. Many dream, few dare and very few actually succeed. You have dared to start a massive task and I wish to ensure that my unstinting support will always be with you. I believe in your talents and I am certain that you will be able to make your start shining in its brightest spark.
Good Luck!
Dr. W. Hilary E. Silva
Director General

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